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Quick-Step Academy’s (Premium floors Pty Ltd, Our, We, Quick-Step Academy, Quick-Step, Unilin, Unilin BVBA, The Academy – ABN 15 152 867 984) acceptance of your booking brings into existence a binding contract between us on these Terms and Conditions. Any term sought to be imposed by you in any purchase order or correspondence will not form part of the contract.


a) This site and its original content, features and functionality are owned by Quick-Step Academy and are protected by international copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret and other intellectual property or proprietary rights laws.


1.2.1 Event Provisions

a) Organising and financing travel are the responsibility of the attending party unless specifically agreed by Quick-Step Academy.

b) Lunch and refreshments will be provided; the cost is included in the price quoted. Any special dietary requirements need to be notified in writing to the Quick-Step Academy in advance of the training.

1.2.2 Damages

a) In the event that damage occurs to the Quick-Step Academy, the responsible party will be held liable.

1.2.3 Medical

a) In the unlikely event of injury/illness/death, Quick-Step Academy does not accept liability or responsibility. It is the responsibility of each attending party to take reasonable care while attending the Academy. Each attending party must also have their own insurance (minimum insurance amount) that will cover injury/death/illness whilst attending the Academy.

b) Quick-Step Academy reserves the right to administer basic first aid. In the event that emergency services need to be called, all costs associated from the injury/illness/death are the responsibility of that party.


a) No Terms and Conditions incorporated within your purchase order and nothing said by any person on behalf of Quick-Step Academy should be understood as a variation of these Terms and Conditions or as an authorised representation about the nature or quality of and goods being offered for sales by Premium Floors Australia. Quick-Step Academy shall have no liability for any such representation being untrue or misleading.

b) These terms and conditions, together with the current Quick-Step Academy website prices, training details and Quick-Step’s contact details, sets forth and constitutes the entire agreements, negotiations, undertakings, arrangements, representations, correspondences, promises, communications and warranties, whether oral or written or any party to this agreement.



a) For current training dates and prices, please refer to the Academy website: www. quick-step-academy.com.au.

b) Before booking into the training course, please ensure you have read the training programme and contents to ensure the course selected meets your needs.

c) If a training course is booked by an individual other than the named party, it is the responsibility of the booker to ensure the candidate can attend the training on the selected dates.

d) Upon receipt of the party’s booking and subsequent, the party’s place(s) will be confirmed.


a) Candidates will receive attendance instructions via email to the email address provided whilst booking.

b) It is the responsibility of the individual completing the booking form to ensure attendance instructions are delivered to the candidate. 2.2a details how instructions will be sent.

c) If the attendance instructions are not received, it is the responsibility of the individual who completed the training booking form to contact Quick-Step Academy to arrange for them to be reissued.

d) Failure to attend the training without giving suitable notice will result in the full course cost being incurred, no refund shall be given.

e) It may be necessary, for any reasons beyond the control of Quick-Step Academy to change the content and timing of the training, if so a full refund or alternative date will be offered.


a) Payment must be made in AUD by credit card or bank transfer.

b) If any outstanding amount remains due to Quick-Step Academy under or in connection with these Terms and Conditions training and/or accreditation will not take place on the selected date.


a) All requests for cancellations and/or course date transfers must be received in writing or electronically via email training@quick-step-academy.com.au

b) Chances will become effective on the date of confirmation being received.

c) The appropriate cancellation charge will apply based on the cost of your booking. The below table outlines Our cancellation/rebooking fee:

15 CALENDAR DAYS OR MORE No charge No charge, full refund
BETWEEN 7 TO 14 CALENDAR DAYS (INCLUSIVE) $50.00 admin fee $50.00 admin fee, partial refund
BETWEEN 1 TO 6 CALENDAR DAYS (INCLUSIVE) $100.00 admin fee No refund
FAILURE TO ATTEND No refund, No rebooking will be offered No refund

d) In the event of a candidate named on the booing form being unable to attend, we will accept substitution of another candidate on the condition that written notification of the substitution has been received and approved by Us prior to the event date.

e) In the event of there being insufficient numbers booked into a course, We retain the right to cancel or postpone the training.

f) In the event of cancellation of a training course by Quick-Step, We will endeavour to inform all candidates at least one (1) week prior to the course. All fees paid will be reimbursed in full, or the payment will be transferred in full to another training date. Quick-Step Academy does not accept liability for any consequential monetary loss or any other form of loss that arises, as such We are exempt from reimbursing any of these costs. For this reason, We recommend that you book flexible fares where possible.


A Quick Step Master Installer has been trained and accredited to carry out flooring installations the highest standard of workmanship and in accordance with the installation instructions for Quick-Step products.


a) To be approved to attend the Quick-Step Master Installer course you must comply with the following:

  • a. Minimum eighteen (18) years of age;
  • b. Minimum two (2) years installing hard engineered floors on a regular basis (full-time installer).


The Lifetime Installation Warranty is offered by Quick-Step in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions.

3.2.1 General

a) The Lifetime Installation Warranty (also known as The Warranty, Warranty) is valid in Australia and New Zealand when a Quick-Step branded floor is installed using Quick-Step accessories by a registered Quick-Step Master Installer.

b) The Warranty is valid for private residential premises only.

c) The Warranty is offered in addition to any Quick-Step product warranties offered on your flooring.

d) Quick-Step Academy comply with any and all legal requirements under Australian / New Zealand Consumer Law.

3.2.2 Workmanship

a) The Quick-Step floor must be installed over a level, dry subfloor to have a valid Warranty.

3.2.3 Limit of Liability

a) The Lifetime Installation Warranty covers the cost of repairing or rectifying defective workmanship. This can also mean replacing your floor or sections thereof.

b) The Limit of Liability of The Warranty is specifically:

  • a. No greater than AUD $4,000 for rectification, repair or replacement of direct stick Quick-Step Timber flooring that has been directly stuck to the subfloor.
  • b. Unlimited for Quick-Step Laminate or Quick-Step Timber installations that have been installed as floating floors.
  • c. Subfloor preparation work, if require, is specifically excluded from this Warranty.

c) The Warranty specifically excludes any claims for damage to your home that may occur during the installation process.

d) In the event of a claim, The Warranty specifically excluded costs associated with accommodation, pet kennelling, inconvenience, removal / re-instatement of appliances, removal of built-in cabinets, kitchen benchtops and the like, unless specifically agreed by an authorised Quick-Step Distributor in writing.

e) The Lifetime Installation Warranty is valid after payment for the initial installation have been made in full, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

f) This Warranty is valid to the original floor purchaser only and is not transferrable.

  • a. This Warranty will become void if used in a commercial or rental application or any other application other than private residential.

3.2.4 Warranty Claim

a) The complaints procedure, detailed in the ‘Warranty Card’, should be followed in the first instance.

b) Should satisfaction no be achieved or agreement reached, you can arrange an inspection by an authorised Quick-Step Distributor.

c) A representative of the authorised Quick-Step Distributor will furnish an inspection report, detailing the findings of their inspection and a recommendation to rectify the issues at hand. If defective workmanship is the cause of the flooring problem, the Quick-Step Master Installer that installer your floor will be asked to undertake rectification / repair work.

d) In the rare event that a claim is recognised and the Master Installer that installer you floor is unwilling to undertake required repairs / rectification work, the authorised Quick-Step Distributor will arrange for these repairs to be undertaken by an alternate Master Installer. This will be at no charge to the Warranty owner, providing the claim is within the provisions of the Limit of Liability.

3.2.5 Warranty Activation

Quick-Step reserves the right to change these terms and conditions as it sees fit and without notice. Your continued use of the site will signify your acceptance of any adjustment to these terms. If there are any changes to our privacy policy, these will be reflected in our Privacy Policy document located on the ‘Legal Notices’ page.